What is happening on a market and what we can offer there
What do we have on the current market?
Traditional consulting
Long sales, competitors
Boring format: lectures + homework is not for a new generation of Snapchat
Online courses
Lots of competitions + lots of users needed
AI landscape in Vienna
Created by enliteAI

In Vienna/Austria:

– Agency Hackabu + theVentury: 12 weeks € 749 (for companies 2500 €)

– TheVentury
Chatbots workshop + consulting

– Altoros – international company focusing on consulting in AI

– PoolParty Academy

– Mostly AI

– enliteAI
We will teach you how to use Big Data & Machine Learning technologies.
This is not yet another online course or a workshop but a
simulator of a real AI company.
You will gain real experience, using real data to develop AI solution, making your own decsions and predictions.

This is not a workshop but a simulator of working in a real AI company

How does the simulator work?
Simulator is like a game. Each chapter is a sequence of tasks adapted to your theory answers, work in the system of Big Data and Machine Learning Platform, communication with characters, plot twists.

Real Data.

You will understand how does it work, how the data could help you make the decisions.

First practice. Then theory.

Simulator as close to life and built on the principle: first practice, then theory. You will solve tasks, and then receive a theory adapted to your answers that will help you structure your experience and knowledge

The fascinating plot.
You will start as an Data analyst and grow into a director for IT products of the company, faced with all the typical tasks. This format of training is more effective and more interesting.

Based on a real story.
Story in the plot is not real, but all the situations are made on real prototypes. You will learn how to recognise and solve typical Data Science problems.
This is what is expected of you in real work.

Many cases of real companies to have a big picture
The course will consider a large number of real cases of well-known companies that will help understand how the concepts studied work in other products.

Additional channel to market our Data Analytics Platform + Data Lake
For the learning process we also can use our DAP + DL in order to simplify the studies and to demonstrate our products in action (=potential clients)

Our services
Traditional consulting
Workshops, hackathons and other events
AI simulator
Potential partnerships

1. Lemmings
2. DerBrutkasten Academy
3. Primecrowd
4. Female Founders
5. Hackabu
6. ....