Create your own path in tech
as a female developer
Our experts in tech and career development will create a personalised program and match you with a mentor and buddy to go through our bootcamp that will make you ready to work in tech in 12 weeks.
1. Create an account and fill in the application form just in 4 minutes.

2. We match you with a mentor who creates a personalised program for you.

3. Meet your new buddy and get the access to your bootcamp account.

4. Use all our features: external resources, chat groups, webinars, etc.

5. Get certified in order to get job as a junior developer in your first company!

What will you get?
Personalised Program
Mentors, buddy peers, group chats, your personal career plan.
Career opportunities
Internships, jobs in diversity friendly companies proven from the community
Networking, events, conferences.
Interviews, articles, webinars, library, discounts
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