Natalie Korotaeva

Product manager, UX/UI designer
Dear Barbara and Runtastic Team,

My name is Natalie Korotaeva and I'm excited about joining Runtastic team that is on the cutting edge of IT & sport fields in the world.

I have two main passions: UX and product development – three years experience in marketing (IT field) plus two years as a manager of IT products, including apps, for example Peers.TV – top Google Play Russia, or my last project DealScreening app (you could read references from clients about this app here).

Basically, I'd like to create the perfect product (website, app, software) for users and work as a link between the sales department, marketing and development.

Why do I think that I could be a part of the great Runtastic's team?
1. For me it's very exciting to analyse customers' behaviour, to realise what and how I can improve it. For example, for the software and app of DealMatrix I did the following: analytics, sketching, prototyping, making interviews with a target audience, web design (I do have a basic knowledge of CSS/HTML).

I love marketing analysis: to explore the customers' behaviour on a website (Google Analytics), improve conversion, A/B testing, advance usability and monitoring trends (I'm a curator of a chatbot community in Vienna).

2. I have good communications skills and experience working with Jira/Slack/Asana/Trello/etc., writing tasks for developers/designers – I can understand what the user wants, explain it to the developers and meet deadlines in time using the agile Scrum method. Previously, I was working in product teams from five to 15 people.

3. I already gathered knowledge and know-how working for various startups and I'm also an active member of the Austrian Startup community. It's definitely my style of work: to be independent, yet to be able to work as a team member, as well.

4. I am a user of Runtastic, a runner and I do love the idea of your project! :)

I feel that the work your company does in helping people to find the best way for being healthy and sporty is vitally important. That's why I believe Runtastic is a perfect fit for me and I'm ready to contribute my ideas & my skills!

Besides, you can find some references from the CEOs of, David R. Prasser, Pioneers, Andreas Tschas, and others on my website

Barbara, thank you for reading; I am really looking forward to receive your feedback!

Best and have a great week,