Exercise 1
How would you improve the overall UX of the landing page? Is there information you would add or remove? What are the metrics you would look at to take your decisions? Propose mock-ups if needed.
I'm a big fan of clear and minimalistic design where the content plays the most important role. That's why, in general, I would make the page less colourful, probably using one main colour and one accent colour.
Also, I'd work on the typography, because in my opinion some text passages are too hard to read now due to the use of many different font sizes.

Some information I'd add:
For a lot of users it's always very hard to choose from such a big collection of tours, so I would add „top 10 popular deals" based on the IP address of a user. It should be possible to show them such an offer based on the most popular deals for other users from their country.

Other improvements:
Log In/Sign In as one button
The main menu (the logo + telephone number should be always visible when you scroll)
I would remove the text „Europe tours & trips" because it's not readable and doesn't contain any important information.

(Other notes I put on a mockup)

Metrics to make these decisions (based on Google Analytics):
– Conversion Rate (how many visitors click „view more")
– Bounce Rate
– Behaviour Flow

– How users click & scroll on the website (using https://www.crazyegg.com/ or mouseflow)

Exercise 2
What are the first steps you would take in order to identify new personas worth investing? What do you think are the elements on the site that would need update or personalisation if you had identified a new persona?
My first steps would be:

1. Compiling everything I know about the customers and grouping my findings in a spreadsheet/post-it notes, for example: industry, family status, device, time, and goals.

2. Check the patterns—the industries in which customers work, and what devices they use, at what time of day, and where.

3. I start to form questions about the customers and work out what they have in common and also how they differ.

4. Then find the people who form these clusters—either in your existing customer database or by recruiting them— and talk to them. It's a win-win. A video-chat is your next best option because I guess it's not so easy to visit a customer in India :).

5. The I can tag and analyze my findings. Return to my spreadsheet and add more data points—office environment, software in use, collaboration habits and so on. Look for the predominant clusters and shared attributes.

Now it's time to come up with names and representations for these personas.

Once I've created your personas, I can use them to design for customers with accuracy and confidence.
For example, I can say, "This is a feature that Sara from New Deli would use, but one that might not discover in her typical use of our website".

Finally, I'd share these personas with as many colleagues as possible to receive their feedback.

My goal would be to create a shared understanding of just who you work for and how everyone can better serve them.

Elements on the site that would need update or personalisation:

– headlines (we could offer a better deal based on interest of this persona)
– mobile version (depends which device persona uses)
– pictures (if persona pays more attention to text or to photos)
– popular deals I guess would be different as well
– special offers for some special indian celebrations
– payments system in India (if they have different ones)

Exercise 3
If you had to improve our Product pages, where would you start?
Please specify what techniques and tools you would use.
If I had to improve your Product pages, I would start with analytics: google analytics, customer feedback, conversation rates, etc. I would try to collect all the important data you have to find some patterns and common behavior on the website.

Additional to quantity survey I would make 5-6 interviews with your customers, to get the full overview. I'd use a lookback software to record the user's mimics, eye-tracking and ask questions that I'd prepare in advance.

Besides that, I'd talk with your customer support service because they know for sure which problems the users have on a daily basis and what are the most FAQ regarding the website.

After it I could make A/B, split- testing using, for example: https://www.convert.com or https://mixpanel.com/ to try to find out what will work better.

Jesús, thank you for reading; I am really looking forward to receive your feedback!

Best and have a great week,