Onboarding process
Bots may are the latest trend throughout the tech scene.
However, most (normal) people
  • Are not aware that a bot is a bot and not a human
  • do not know what it is able to do.
  • struggle during interaction with the bot.
  • frequently are disturbed by bugs and do not understand why the bot does not understand.
Give bot user a perfect introduction to understand the value of the bot.
As a result the user is aware what the bot is able to do and enjoy chatting with the bot.
Our short review shows that in many cases for user is not clear what to expect from this bot, what it can do and how to interact with it. Here some examples & suggestions how to make it better.
How to improve?
  • Explain that you are bot
  • Explain you are beta
  • Explain what are you doing (one sentence)
  • if you have questions: help/contacts
  • Your data is private and we won't share it with no one
It's not so easy to explain your user how actually to use your bot, which kind of useful content you can offer.
How to improve?
  • Explain which functionality you have
  • Explain how to use it (ask user to TYPE it (menu,start, etc)
  • Which content you would like to receive (different taps)
  • Using taps is better because it's faster :)
First step/others
And some other useful ideas how to make your bot even better.
How to improve?
  • Using gifs
  • Using emojis
  • Friendly way/unformal way of talking with your user
  • Guide user and predict what your user want to do next (help)
"Bots are the new apps"
Satya Nadella
Microsoft CEO
Lemming team
Natalie Korotaeva

FB: natalie.korotaeva
Twitter: @siberiancyborg
Georg J Buch