Marketing Strategy
Goal: to attract more people to our booth and get more tourists during the Christmas holidays.
For this project I would recommend to use the following channels:
1. Facebook postings
2. Facebook ads
3. Instagram postings
4. Instagram ads
We can make an "experiment" using the four different channels and in one week choose the best one
1. Facebook postings: post in the groups with our potential target audience
1. Tourists
2. Foreigners in Vienna

I have a database with such groups (Foreigners in Vienna, Erasmus students, French people in Vienna, ect.). Therefore, we can create an advertisement with a special promotional code with a discount/small present and check how many people it will attract.
The Facebook page is also a very important element for the marketing strategy: optimal to post once per day (optimum time: Friday/Saturday/Sunday: 1-2 pm and before 6 pm). The best way will be to create different posts: about Steak Weck, about customers' opinions, recipes, ideas for Christmas, and things to do in Vienna in that time.
2. Facebook ads
I would use this channel only at the start of the promotion in order to check how it will work out. For the promotion we could use different target audiences (tourists, people living in Vienna, students) and choose from it the ones with the best CTR.

3. Instagram postings
For this project I would recommend to create an account specially for Christmas; for example "all news about Christmas in Vienna": events, photos, tips and, of course, about Steak Weck, as well.
Using special tools, we can follow people located in Vienna. These tools will help to attract our potential audience.

3. Instagram ads
Besides posting and following people we can promote the booth with Instagram ads. For this, it would be cool to implement a special promo code; for example: "Follow us and get your second burger for free".

For each type of promotion I would create different images. Using FB analytics and additional tools I can check the efficiency of the promotion and improve it.
Let's start!