JUNE 25, 2016, VIENNA
First BotsHackathon Vienna
The topic of this BotsHackathon is to create your own chatbot. The event will be a whole day of group projects, working in teams with experts, and, additionally we will also hand out some prizes at the end.
A1, Lassallestraße 9

Why participate?

The idea is to build a bot from scratch, using Telegram and Slack, or even Facebook platforms. This goal can be reached within the creative atmosphere of like-minded people.

Who can participate?

Anyone, really! Usually, people work in teams with some highly skilled technical experts (developers, web-designers, mobile developers, etc.), but do not be afraid if you bring no development experience to the table – we will provide you with support from coaches.
Where and how?

We will work the whole Saturday from 10AM to 7PM. Naturally we will provide breakfast, lunch and a tasty dinner. Guaranted as well is unlimited wi-fi in the luxurious venue of our sponsor A1. ["address check here"?] All you need to bring along is your laptop, courage to create, and some fun
And yes, it's for free!
Coaches & Team
Matt Dennewitz
Rachel Baker
Jeremy Ashkenas
MRM Meteorite
Emily Hillerns
Twofour Group
Tsilli Pines
IBM Interactive Experience
David Ronchel
Ebay Enterprise
Saturday, June 25
09:00 Registration
11:00 Introduction lecture
12:30 Lunch
16:00 Workshop one
19:00 After party
We're really excited about our hosts, and are looking forward to seeing presentations about code the way they're truly meant to be experienced. Besides, what conference experience would be complete without the sea?
Any Questions? Join our FB event or shut us the message!