Natalie Korotaeva
Hi! Glad to see you here :)
My name is Natalie Korotaeva.
I'm passionate about UX/UI design, technologies & startups.
Was born in wild Siberia, currently live & work in lovely Vienna at the fintech startup DealMatrix.
Part of the Austrian Startups team.

I believe that design is really about solving problems.
What people say about me
"With a great reliability and flexibility she demonstrated her dedication to the on-site event management with high communication and organisation skills"

Andreas Tschas
Co-founder & CEO Pioneers

"Ms Korotaeva has fulfilled all her tasks to the fullest. Within a short time she has proven high level of creativity and responsibility. In a short time Ms Korotaeva became a reliable and trustworthy team member"

David R. Prasser
Founder & Executive
Sometimes I share my experience & thoughts.