Ideas for the
Ideas and concepts presentation h
App based
on the future

For this presentation I took the current trends on the market and tried to imagine how we can use it for the XXLUTZ app.
How many apps our user download per month?
Who is the TA?
Image Recognition XXLUTZ App
You've seen something you really like but don't know how to find the similar furniture?
1. You've found an item you like
You've seen somewhere an item you really like and want something like this?
Don't worry, we can help you to find it in our store!
2. You made a photo of this item.
You make a photo of the team you like using your camera and then upload it to your app.
3. We show you similar items.
Using image recognition technologies we can find similar items and make your search faster and more sufficient!
You want to buy something new to your flat but don't know what exactly would fit and how much would it cost?
1. You have no idea what to do with you new apartment.
You have some space but not sure what would fit there and which furniture or decor would look great?
2. Just open your app and your camera.
Using AR technologies you can see how would desired item would look like in your flat. Also, it can make suggestions based on your taste.
3. You can order it online directly in your app! Fits perfectly!
You can order the furniture you like online and enjoy the new design of your apartment!
Smart Assistant XXLUTZ App
You don't know which size would fit to your apartment? Or where you can check the warranty for your new bed? Or how to di/asassemble it?
1.So many questions. Where can I find all the answers?
Which size is your window? Or is this table is too big? I forgot where is my instructions for assembling...
2. Just open your app and chat with you smart assistent.
In your app you can check all the questions: warrenty, assembling, sizes..
3. Our app will help you with all the questions.
With NLP we can provide all the important information for you and you can find in one place.
It is not a just an App, it is the near future
Those technologies will change the way with consume the products.
Image recogntion
We do lots of photos and store in our phone.
Cameras in the modern phones are really powerful and can make high quality photos easy.
We type more than we talk and we will use messaging even more.
Thank you for your time and happy to hear your feedback! :)

Soon available